About Russ Walker

Russ Walker was born in Southern Oregon, and was raised on a small farm on the famous Rogue River. From an early age Russ was sketching and painting wildlife and the landscapes around his home. Artistic desire and a love for the wild country, together with observations of wildlife and their habits, guide Russ in his paintings. To put it in Russ’s words- “I can’t imagine what my life would be without painting and being able to go out in the country. Growing up on the farm I spent many mornings and evenings listening to coyotes hunting on the mountains and awaking to geese flying low overhead.” Living in the environment he paints is a major ingredient of Russ’s paintings.

Those early years in the Pacific Northwest during the 1950’s and 60’s allowed Russ to grow up in a mostly uncluttered environment.

The inspiration for his paintings results from time in the mountains and wilderness. This region has always been the home of an extra ordinary range of wildlife. Even as the world enters a new century the Pacific Northwest still finds a great many of its natural resources intact. There remain great tracts of wilderness, beautiful lakes, rivers and magnificent mountains providing a lifetime of inspiration and references.

Russ married Alice Clark from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Together they have five sons and two daughters. Russ and Alice find great joy in their family and church.

Russ spent two years in Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon for his church. Russ spent another nine years in the military, ending up in the Texas Army National Guard, in an Air Borne unit.