Approach to Art

The Nursery

I love painting, it energizes my life.

My primary objective is to allow the viewer to see wildlife as it is without the dressing of society.

I work diligently to portrait the subject just as it is, with all the nicks and scars. When you sit on a timber ridge and see the way nature has put things together you then know what I’m trying to put in my art. There is a certain feeling for each time of the day and season. The way an animal is standing or looking tells me what that animal is thinking. You know where they bed, where they feed and where the animal should be. Maybe I can help someone hang on the wall something they have never seen, or may never see again for whatever reason.

In the creation of my art, wildlife and wilderness landscapes are my favorite subjects. It is a great privilege to create a story through pictures, bringing to view much that is unseen by the public. The routine of life in nature is generally unknown and passed by as we hurry through our lives. Maybe some part of my art will catch your attention and cause you to pause a moment and reflect on what you see, wondering is that the way it really is. There is beauty and order out there, when put together with what man has built we can become complete.

My goal is to do the best I can and tell the story as it really is not necessarily as we would like it to be.

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